Where to find Academic Calendar Information

FACULTY CALENDAR OPTIONS Academic Affairs has created a number of calendars for your use: New Google Calendar https://www.champlain.edu/faculty-and-staff/academic-affairs ALL faculty meetings (Faculty Senate, Provost’s Forums, Division Meetings, etc.) Academic calendar (including all semester dates – add/drop, breaks, IDEA evaluations, etc.) You can easily add this as “other calendar” in your account for easy access as […]

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Farewell, Clearspace

In partnership with IS, we will be managing a transition this fall from Clearspace to new virtual collaboration options. More on this phased transition soon, but please be assured that the archive and all key functions will be maintained.  The IS blog will have updates at isblog.champlain.edu

Get Help with Canvas Gradebook

eLearning is offering “house calls” for setting up your Gradebook in Canvas. Get your personal walk-through scheduled!  Using the Gradebook will save you time, ensure accuracy, and best of all, give students self-directed access to information they really want.  http://elearning.champlain.edu/

Student Academic Support

Coolidge Hall will soon house an all-in-one headquarters for academic help, known as the S.M.A.R.T. space. S.M.A.R.T. will include a Math Lab, Accounting and Finance Lab, Tech Lab, a Writing Center branch, English Language Learning Tutor, and Academic Coaching, plus individual and group study space. Watch for an open house invitation when the space is […]

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