Bob Selby To Talk about Tradition of Art and the Military

911coastGuardLGBob Selby will be giving a talk on Oct. 3 in Hauke Lounge from 6-8 p.m. on his deployment with the U.S. Coast Guard to the Arctic on the Ice Breaker Healy in August. Selby produced an artist’s sketchbook for the Coast Guard blog while aboard, and he is now at work on a painting that highlights the Coast Guard collaboration with Arctic research. He intends to talk about the tradition of art and the military, the nature of the scientific research that he observed and of life aboard the largest cutter in the Coast Guard fleet.  Finally, Selby plan to address how he worked as an artist, i.e. how does one go about capturing action without asking subjects to pose.

Visit Bob’s website to see more of his work.

(This post originally appeared in the September 24 edition of the Champlain Explorer.)

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