Logo Design: The Two Realms

Sophomore graphic design students invite you to view —

Logo Design: The Two Realms
Works by students in GDD-200, Design & Communication
Prof D Lustgarten

Ever wonder how all those great visual brands were born? Stop by the Hallway Gallery in Hauke and check out the work of your graphic design colleagues as they pursue symbol invention in its two basic forms, polygonal (or geometric) and free-form. rolling stonesFrom pen and brush to vector artwork, you’ll get a sense as to how a designer begins experimenting with form to get at just the right solution for a visual brand, and bring it through to professional-grade digital artwork.

This exhibition will be of interest to all students, even those not directly involved in the visual or marketing arts, as you may very well someday be seeking and/or overseeing the development of a visual mark or branding system. The work in this exhibition will give you some insight as to how designers go about tackling the challenge, and the exciting range of possibilities that can be rendered in black-and-white forms.

This show will be up for approximately two weeks.

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