Algorithms as Art

A message from Erik Esckilsen godboxand the Teachable Events Committee

Dear Colleagues:

I am writing to let you know that adjunct instructor Chris Thompson (CREM), who is also a second-year MFA student, has installed a thought-provoking work of art in the Miller Information Commons. “Godbox,” as it is called, endeavors to raise such questions as the following:

* What is the difference between an artwork and a scientific experiment?
* How have recent discoveries in neurology changed our concept of freewill?
* Can algorithms be art?
* Can the vernacular of video games and data visualization be used as an artistic medium?

Take a hard right turn two steps inside the front doors of the MIC, and walk all the way to the south wall. You can’t miss it; it stands outside Andy Burkhardt’s ofice where an atlas stand once stood.

Chris was invited to install the piece precisely for its relevance to our curriculum, with the financial support of the Core division and the MIC. I recommend that you check out the piece. Also, consider inviting Chris to speak about it, and the conceptual and interdisciplinary thinking that informs it, in your classes. He has told me that he is up for this.

I have attached to this email message a more detailed description of the piece.

Please let me know if you’d like Chris to visit your class, and please let me know what you think about Godbox.

Invite your students to visit this blog page and comment on their experience with this intriguing, highly original work of art:
The exhibit will remain in place until Thanksgiving break.

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