New Academic Honesty Violation Procedures

New Academic Honesty Violation Procedures in the Provost’s Office

In last year’s debrief about using an Academic Conduct Review Board (ACRB) to handle multiple academic honesty violations we discovered one area where we thought it would be beneficial to more closely parallel the existing judicial practices at Champlain. We could be more careful to make sure that students who have their first violation know that a second violation may result in their referral to the Academic Conduct Review Board (CRB) for additional sanctions. We did not want to place that burden on the faculty and so decided to issue a letter from the Senior Associate Provost when our office receives the first violation form from the faculty member. We are using the College’s judicial software (Maxient) to generate these letters because it provides a mechanism to track the student’s retrieval of the letter. The reporting faculty member will also receive a copy of the letter sent to the student. Each year after graduation, we will purge students who have single academic honesty violations from the system so that their official conduct record is “clean,” as we promise in these cases.

Two other changes will be made in the procedures for students who are referred to the Academic CRB: 1) Faculty members who have documented academic honesty violations for a particular student will be invited to speak at the student’s hearing, and 2) the reporting faculty members will be copied on the sanction letters issues by the CRB.

Let Michelle (, 860-2728) know if you have questions.

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