Cinse Bonino Presents at the Marconi Institute

On, Sept 30, Cinse Bonino, director of the Center for Instructional Practice and associate professor of Creativity & Conceptual Development, presented at the Marconi Institute’s First International Conference on Creativity in Bologna, Italy.

The title of her presentation was: ‘Interplaying Consciously with Neurons, Cognition, and Creativity’; it presented a framework for thinking creatively.Cinse and Martin Cooper Oct 2013

Martin Cooper, the 2013 Marconi Prize winner, and the inventor of the cell phone, was very complimentary about her presentation and thanked her for the presentation. “It was an amazing experience because the conference was a mix of engineers, neuroscientists, technology innovators, psychologists, educators, Creativity researchers, and young Marconi scholars,” Bonino reported.

Originally posted in The Explorer, October 22, 2013.

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