A Visit to Dublin

A note from Cinse Bonino:Dublin

Wow, can I become an undergraduate and go back to school so I can go to the Dublin campus!? I recently spent three days there. The faculty members I worked with were truly amazing. They were all very passionate about their subject matter and their students. Students told me they felt very connected to their instructors and that they absolutely adored being able to walk through the history of Ireland. There is a strong sense of community, of camaraderie among students who come back from their stay at the Dublin campus together. This is true of students who go to Montreal as well. Let’s make sure we make it possible for more students to have these experiences. Advise sophomores to take the courses they need in the right sequence to facilitate their ability to have the experience of their lives at one of our Champlain Abroad campuses.

Cinse Bonino, Director CIP, Center for Instructional Practice

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