“Real Talk”: Fostering the Success of At-risk Students

The Provost’s office would be pleased to sponsor the attendance of up to five faculty members to attend the “Real Talk” workshop next month. Let me know if you are interested. The workshop is on Friday November 22 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Community College of Vermont, Montepelier Campus, 660 Elm Street, Montpelier.

“Real Talk”: A Workshop with Dr. Paul Hernandez on Fostering the Success of At-Risk College Students

Co-sponsored by Vermont Campus Compact and the Community College of Vermont

Dr. Paul Hernandez is an educator and social activist who believes that at-risk students can succeed in college if VCConly we change the way that we work with them and relate to them.  Before he was a college professor, and before he succeeded in community college and eventually graduate school, Hernandez was himself an “at-risk student” raised in the gang community of Los Angeles.  Drawing on his own experiences and his extensive work with K-12 and college students, he has developed a pedagogical approach he describes as “real talk” – an instructor-led discussion surrounding a series of broad, engaging themes that motivate student-oriented outcomes, created to establish connections, understanding, trust, empathy and caring for one another.  In this workshop for faculty members and academic advisors, Hernandez will share his story and discuss how his pedagogical innovations can be adapted for use with at-risk students in the college classroom (with a particular focus on low-income, first generation, and male students).  We’ll pay particular attention to courses taught during the transition from high school to college (orientation, first-year seminars, etc.).

To learn more about Paul Hernandez, we suggest the following article:
National Education Association Interview with Paul Hernandez
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