Social Work Program Celebrates Accreditation

Congratulations to Champlain’s  Social Work Program!

On the morning of October 31, we celebrated and honored Social Work faculty, students, and community partners who participated in the multi-year process that led to Champlain College’s Social Work Program’s successful National Accreditation.MurrayR

Dr. Rilla Murray keynoted, speaking on the history and identity of the professional social worker.

Maggie Melvin of the Center for Service and Civic Engagement spoke about the relationship between the Social Work Program and the Center.

melvin_maggieThree of our first graduates of the program (Hannah Toof, Emily Burns, Alyse White) returned to reflect and share their thoughts on how the Social Work Program grew them into their successful career positions at the Howard Center and Lund.   In addition, our phenomenal Class of 2016 student Andrea Tolman shared her journey into social work through a moving poem.

Special thanks and congratulations go out to Tawnya McDonald and Tarn Foerg for their commitment to Champlain’s Social Work program.

The event ended with a Slam Poet’s Social Work experience.  Take a few minutes to watch – it’s worth it!

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