Crossover: Champlain’s New Student-run News and Arts Publication

Champlain has a new student-run news and arts publication, Crossover. Click on the link to see the latest installment  of the Crossover: The Intersection of Champlain College News and Arts,” which replaces the “Current Beat.”Crossover

Before launching, faculty advisor Warren Baker gave the new editorial board members (listed below) the time to get acquainted, assemble a staff, get to know and work with their writers, and design a site whose content they think best reflects Champlain College as they see it and want it presented to the College community and to the world.

Co-Editors-in-Chief: Christina Etre and Cameron Williams; News Editor: Nick Sargent; Columns Editor: Tori Muzyk; A&E Editor: Tyler daSilva; Profiles and Features Editor: Caitlyn Syman; Multimedia Editor: Amanda Schroth

This is a work in progress, but these journalists are already producing a publication that is well worth reading.

The site will be updates every two weeks (today is a publication day), so be sure to stop back frequently and see what’s new.

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