Easy Access to All Syllabi

Syllabus-IconWith Canvas now on board, and a syllabus in every course shell, we are now able to collect syllabi and enable you to easily access any syllabus from any program at Champlain.

Go to the “Read Only” network drive and find the folder called “Syllabi.”  (K:\Syllabi).  Syllabi  are sorted by semester, then by course, section and instructor.  If you would like to know about content covered in courses you don’t teach, particularly those courses required in a major or program with which you are associated, take a look!

Our accreditor, NEASC, requires us to collect a syllabus for every credit-bearing  course.  During our accreditation visit in fall 2015, the visiting team will review a random sampling of syllabi.

Kudos to Matt Huwiler and eLearning for making syllabi access in Canvas so easy and eliminating the need for faculty to submit hard copies each semester!

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