Two New Programs Approved!

New Academic Programs

B.S. in Finance, Stiller School of Business

We believe the new Finance major can become one of our College’s signature programs and will provide its graduates with a true leading edge curriculum that prepares them well for immediate employment in financial careers and establishes a foundation for long term professional

The major is designed for motivated students seeking a degree in the rapidly growing and high paying field of finance.  The program will provide students with the School’s required Integrated Business Experience (IBE) core that includes integrated courses in business, marketing, corporate social responsibility and international business/global economics.  It also includes the School’s required Common Body of Knowledge with courses in quantitative methods, accounting, finance, economics, information systems, and business law.

The full proposal can be found in Clearspace.

M.S. in Executive Leadership, Division of Continuing Professional Studies

The online program is designed for mid-career professionals and aspiring organizational leaders who wish to inspire others and manage change.  These managers can be found in the public sector, nonprofit organizations, and private industry.  In many cases, these students have established expertise in their field and are seeking the next step in terms of leadership capacity and professional growth.

The program was created to be completed in one intensive year of study made up of 36 credits (six 6-credit courses) including two one-week residencies.

The full proposal can be found in Clearspace.

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