Eat Your Words at Champlain’s Edible Books Festival

In tedible_book_festhe midst of your busy academic lives, have you ever just wanted to take a break and sink your teeth into a good book?  You know, literature with flavor — literature with taste?  Have you ever, at times, had to eat your words?  Better yet, have you ever wanted to make someone else eat your words??

Well now you can…

On behalf of the Library and the Core Division, We invite you to join us in helping Champlain College participate in the international Edible Books Festival.

Yes, you heard us right… Edible Books.

Books you can eat.

The Edible Books Festival is an international, multi-media, participatory creative event which invites us all to a “world banquet where delicious, surprising bookish foods will be consumed.”  Playful and provocative, the festival explores the integration of food with “text, literary inspiration or, quite simply, the form [of the book].”

The Edible Books Festival pairs perfectly with this year’s inaugural Champlain Chautauqua Series – “Food, Glorious Food!” and offers an opportunity for our campus to imaginatively investigate the intersection of food, text, and art, and to share our intellectual and culinary creativity with each other and the world at large.

On April 1st, the Champlain Library will host an exhibition of edible books created by … you.  That’s right, we’re asking members of the Champlain community to create works of edible art inspired by texts, books, or that simply look like books.  We will display them in our library, and photograph them for inclusion on the Edible Book Festival website.  Prizes will be awarded.  Bystanders will be amazed.  Books will be eaten.  (Serving celebration at 3:00pm)

Deadlines for submission and guidelines for entries are forthcoming…  the exhibit is April 1.

Want to know more?  Check out these links:

Come on, colleagues… dig deep into your innovative reservoirs and help us put a slice of Champlain creativity on the menu!

Bon Appetit!

Betsy Beaulieu, Janet Cottrell, Sean Leahy, Steve Wehmeyer

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