Champlain Team Places 2nd in NECCDC Competetion

The Northeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (NECCDC) is designed to test students skills in defending computer systems.  There are also many recruiters from various agencies waiting to hire interns or make the students employees so it is a great opportunity and a great event to be involved in.

The Champlain team did a great job this year and, again, received lots of praise from the White Team for working so well together as a team. Champlain College placed second behind RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) took third.

Matt Morin (Senior CNIS major) did a stellar job as the team’s Captain this year with organizing the practices and selecting the team that participated this year. They started back in October and took over Skiff lab each Tuesday and Thursday night from 8:30pm till around 10:30pm setting up various Operating Systems and applications to prepare this year and it paid off. No one knows what Operating Systems they will be presented with until they arrive at the competition. Even then, they don’t know what is on those systems until the doors to their room closes and they have to figure things out and keep the Red Team out.

2014_NECCDC_Team_ChamplainThanks go to Dave Long for being the assistant Coach and for driving the team around during the competition.  He took the van driving course at the last minute to help out.

From Left to Right:  DJ Palombo, Tyler Schena, Grant Kaiser, Matt Morin, Ben Virgilio, Patrick Jones, Hunter Gregal, & Kevin Law. They did ALL the work to prepare for this competition.

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