John Stroup Publishes in The Journal of Peace Education

PeaceEdA Message from John Stroup:

Please accept this note as further efforts to promote the value of Peace Jam in youth serving organizations including our local schools. For the last year or so, I’ve been working with the lone Peace Jam group here in Burlington area which is at Winooski High School. The club, led by two outstanding Winooski teachers, needs support from interested college students and Champlain College in general.  I’m hopeful that this fall I’ll be able to make more direct student contact with them and their activities through my EDU 245 Service Learning class. Please put this club and the possibility of expanding it throughout Burlington on your radar for any students (or colleagues for that matter) who are interested.

One of the reason that I like the program so much is because the research that some friends and colleagues and I had been doing on Peace Jam participants. Two papers have now been published that demonstrate the efficacy of this program.

First, I sent around last semester the first article that we wrote titled Participation as Relational Process: Unpacking Involvement in Social Action and Community Service that came out in After-School Matters. You can find it here. This article explored the ways that students came to see themselves and their membership in the program as a part of their identity including how they felt more efficacious about taking on community issues, about becoming a leader and advocating for their positions, and developing a sense of autonomy, belonging, and connection to their community and the club network itself.

Now, I’m glad to send around to you a recently published second article (came out today) on the program titled JPEPromoting the development of moral identity, behavior, and commitment in a social action program that just came out online today in The Journal of Peace Education.  You can follow this link to an online version which should give you full-text. This paper more fully addresses the way that student become advocates and moral agents for their own interests and those of others.

Check it out, send it along to anyone who may be interested, and know that I’ll be glad to talk with anyone about PeaceJam generally and Winooski Peace Jam club at Winooski High School.


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