Mary Zompetti Artist Residency in Iceland

mary-zompetiMary Zompetti is an Art adjunct in the Division of Communication and Creative Media who has been working as an artist in residence at the Gestavinnustofa Akureyri in Northern Iceland for the month of April.  Her work is focused around the Icelandic spar, a stone that was used by Vikings to navigate the Arctic seas. The stone allows for expanded vision through the double-refraction of light. She is fascinated by optical history and possibilities for skewed and altered perception. During her time in Iceland, she has traveled the area taking photographs, video, and sound clips, while also working in the studio with a flatbed scanner, scanning and creating stills and short animations with the spar.  This project is supported by an Artist Development Grant from the Vermont Arts Council, a Professional Development Grant from the Community College of Vermont, and the generous contributions of 55 Kickstarter backers.

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