Student Excellence in the Core Curriculum

Earth CoreOn April 21, the Core Division held its annual celebration of student excellence.  This event, inaugurated in 2011 with the first graduating class of students who had taken the entire Core sequence, honors students who have done outstanding work in Core classes over the past calendar year.  Each year Core faculty nominate students whose papers, individual projects, and group projects were extraordinary and we hold a nice reception with certificates, finger food, and music.

This year, the decision was made to publish the students’ work and host a book party.  The volume, entitled Audeamus, was produced by Kim MacQueen’s publishing class, in collaboration with the Champlain College Publishing Institute.  Core faculty wrote blurbs introducing each student’s work.  We expect that this will become an annual tradition and hope you’ll look forward to each year’s volume, which will be available electronically.

We’ll be displaying a hard copy of the book in the Core Division office, and the library, the President’s Office, and the Admissions Office will each have a hard copy as well.

Many thanks to Kelly Thomas, Rowshan Nemazee, Rula Quawas, Chuck Bashaw, and Linda Goodrum for all their work to make yesterday’s event a true celebration, and to Kim MacQueen and her students, especially Daphne Tuccitto, Alexandria Allen, and Alexandra Richards who worked on this for their semester-long project.

Please congratulate the students who were honored:

COR 110 – Concepts of Self

Dylan Cullen / Kara Doherty / Emily Harnedy / Gillian Racine / David Schunk

COR 115 – Rhetoric I

Dominic Rizzo / Erica Rizzo

COR 120 – Concepts of Community

Taylor Bibaud / Damian Dryjas / Jade Soucy-Humphreys

COR 125 – Rhetoric II

Ben Drinkwine / Dakotah Patnode / Matthew Sacco

COR 210 – Scientific Revolutions

Wei-Hung Cheng / Joshua Miller

COR 220 – Aesthetic Expressions

Carly Capasso

COR 230 – Ethics and the Environment

James Shasha

COR 240 – Bodies

Mia Benson / Katherine Clemens / Jessica LaRose

COR 270 – Heroines and Heroes

Daphne Tuccitto

COR 320 – Global Studies

Joshua Schaefer



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