Classroom Updates for Fall 2014

TARDISWelcome back!

Here is a list of classroom changes that you should know about.

Alumni Auditorium — Offline for the fall semester

Hauke — These rooms are still in use this fall:

  • Hauke 005
  • Hauke 103
  • Hauke 203
  • Hauke 204
  • Hauke 205F  (This room is now the Art Room.  It has been renovated and replaces Hauke 209).

Joyce — New classrooms on the ground level:

  • Joyce 101  Game Lab
  • Joyce 102 (general classroom, all photography classes will be held here)
  • Joyce 106 Darkroom
  • Joyce 103  Mac Lab

Skiff Temporary Classroom — aka Skiff TARDIS (Located in the Skiff Parking Lot)

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