New Classroom is All Relative

TARDISOur newest classroom, SKFT 100, is located behind Skiff Hall. SKFT 100 is a temporary classroom we will be using this year while the CCM building is under construction. Thanks to Campus Planning, Physical Plant and our Information Systems, it will be fully functional when classes begin on Monday.

It has affectionately been nicknamed “The TARDIS” and will soon sport a sign with that name on it. Credit for the nickname for the building goes to Kristina Fischer, a Champlain student who is an Office Assistant in the Event Center. The Doctor Who site that will explain the TARDIS skft 100reference if it is not already familiar to you. Elaine Young is teaching in the room and has already been letting her students know via Facebook that she is teaching in the TARDIS and that “anything CAN and WILL happen!”

Here are some things you should know. The TARDIS will be:

  • On the regular classroom schedule to be unlocked by security.
  • Equipped with the usual technology—whiteboards, multimedia podium and projector.  There are also some portable whiteboards called “Huddleboards” which some of you might have used if you taught in Wick 102.  As you can see, it has the rolling “node” chairs that can move easily so students can get in groups.
  • Equipped with air conditioning, heat, and two good sized windows facing west.  As you can see, there is ramp access.tardis


Rest rooms  are available in Skiff Hall and Skiff Annex, located right behind the TARDIS. Both entrances are on the west side (closest to the TARDIS).  In Skiff, turn left and go down the stairs toward Campus Security.  In Skiff Annex, as you enter the building there are two bathrooms on the left. After 5 pm, use bathrooms in Skiff Annex.  There are classes in there Monday-Thursday evening, so it will be open. Skiff will be closed in the evening.

Find out more about Doctor Who and the TARDIS here. Ask Elaine, “Is it bigger on the inside?”

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