Student Attendance Verification

A message from Laurie Quinn, Provost



Due By Noon on Wednesday, September 3rd

As many of you know, it is crucial that Champlain College verify class attendance of all students in order to properly distribute financial aid money. Please complete the steps below for all undergraduate and graduateon-campus and on-line class sections. Detailed instructions for the entire process are also attached.

  1. Log-on to the Faculty/Staff Page, access the Grading screen in WebAdvisor.

2. For each of your sections, indicate any student who has never attended class by clicking on the “Never Attended” box for that student on the Final Grading screen.

3. Be sure to click “Submit” when finishedwith each section.

4. Final Step!You MUST complete the next and last step to finish the verification:

After you have verified attendance for all of your sections, click on the “Attendance Verification Form” under the “Reports & Forms” tab on the Faculty menu in WebAdvisor. 

  • Do this step even if all of your students have attended.
  • Please note students are considered to have “attended” an on-line section if they have logged into the class and have engaged in an academically-related activity (i.e. submission of an academic assignment, participation in an on-line discussion, initiation of contact with the instructor with question concerning the academic subject, etc.)
  • Submitting that form will confirm you have completed the verification process.
  • You will receive an auto-generated email  confirming that you have completed the process. If you do not receive this email than you have not completed the process and you will be contacted by your Division Operations Manager.  

This must be completed by no later than noon, Wednesday, September 3rd

Please note- If a student does come to your class, after you indicated the student is not attending, please send an email to to update the initial report.

Please contact your Operations Manager or Kellie Nadeau from Academic Affairs (860-2729) if you have any questions.

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