Champlain Theatre Presents “Seeds”

seedsWho Owns Life?

Annabel Soutar, a Canadian playwright, explores this question in her compelling documentary play.

Seeds, about Percy Schmeiser, the Canadian farmer, who was sued by Monsanto Inc. for growing their genetically modified canola seeds without paying the licensing fee.

Champlain Theatre’s  informal dramatic reading opens on Wednesday, September 24 and runs for three nights only, closing on the 26th. The play begins each night at 7:30 PM.

Admission is free,  and it is not necessary to go to the Flynn box office to collect a ticket.

PLEASE TELL students:

The doors to Flynn Space will open at 7:00 pm and once the seats (150 only) are filled the doors will be closed.

Enjoy the show and expect to hear students engage in lively debate about a number of relevant issues.

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