Pedagogy, Outreach and Entrepreneurship with the Bees

George “Honey Boy” Evans Symposium will be held in the Morgan Room from 5:00pm to 7:00pm on Thursday, 9 October.

wolf amazonDr. Kristin Wolf will be presenting her talk:

“APIStemology: Pedagogy, Outreach and Entrepreneurship with the Bees”

For those who have not yet heard, the George “Honey Boy” Evans Symposium is a seminar series for faculty to present research to each other, in any stage of development. Our goal is to provide a venue for us to talk to each other about research we’ve done, research we’re doing, or research Honeyboywe’re pondering. This will be run like a true seminar, featuring scholarly dialogue and adult beverages in the august setting of the Morgan Room. So, come if you can, and if you would like to bring some snackables and/or a bottle of your favorite scholarly beverage, feel free to bring them along.  It will be an evening of scholarly and collegial excellence.


Mike Lange and Gary Scudder

Co-chairs, George “Honey Boy” Evans Symposium

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