John Banks Animated Video Installation: Sparks & Remnants

John Banks: Sparks & RemnantsBanksJ

Miller Center Cantina at Lakeside Campus

December 4 – January 12

Reception: Thursday December 4, 3pm-5pm

CCM Associate Professor and MFA Program Director John Banks creates animated video installations which explore the concepts of complexity, growth, entropy, and decay.  His latest series, Sparks and Remnants, juxtaposes languid, meditative digital animation with super-saturated, hyper-detailed fractal generated textures.  Banks’s computer generated landscapes offer a hypnotic fusion of the surreal and the hyperreal requiring thirty-six hours per second to render at four times the resolution of normal hi-definition video. This exhibition will also debut Champlain College’s new ultra-high definition digital exhibition infrastructure. Banks is the Program Director of the MFA in Emergent Media program and has over 25 years experience in motion graphics and video technology.

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