Mediation Co-opetition at Champlain College

What’s a “Co-opetition?”  A cooperative competition…

MedCoPet-300x500Five graduate programs from across the country in mediation-related studies visited the Champlain College campus over the weekend of March 21st and 22nd to participate in a friendly intercollegiate mediation competition.  This the fourth year of the competition and the second time that Champlain has participated.  There were a total of eight teams from the five schools.  Each player from the three-person teams took at least one turn mediating in four rounds of play while their teammates took turns playing the role of client and advocate in simulated conflicts.  Each player was observed and scored by two judges.  The tournament was an excellent opportunity to showcase our beautiful campus, expand our community of world-changing leaders and to put Champlain graduate student mediation skills on display.  The Champlain team fared placing second in both the individual and team mediation awards.  The overall first place finish went to Brandeis University.

Eight teams from five schools participated: Brandeis University, Kennesaw State, Southern Methodist University and Quinnipiac Law School all fielded teams.  Vermont Law School also participated sending both judges and students to help run the tournament.  Special thanks to Susannah Eriksson for her help in the preparation of the tournament!

Final standings:

  • The overall team award went to Brandeis.
  • The best team mediation award went to Southern Methodist University (on a tie-breaker with Champlain who came in second).
  • The best individual mediator award went to Southern Methodist University (also on a tie-breaker with Champlain who came in second).
  • The best Client/Advocate pair award went to Quinnipiac.
  • The  best team client/advocate award went to Brandeis.


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