Where to find Academic Calendar Information


Academic Affairs has created a number of calendars for your use:Calendar-icon

New Google Calendar


  • ALL faculty meetings (Faculty Senate, Provost’s Forums, Division Meetings, etc.)
  • Academic calendar (including all semester dates – add/drop, breaks, IDEA evaluations, etc.)

You can easily add this as “other calendar” in your account for easy access as well as add individual meetings to your own calendar.

Your Google Drive

If you do not want to use the google calendar, you should now have access to the following calendars in your google drive:

  • 2015-2016 Academic Calendar for Faculty (including all semester dates – add/drop, student attendance verification due date, breaks, IDEA evaluations, etc.)
  • 2015-2016 Faculty Meeting Calendar (dates of division meetings, Faculty Senate, Curriculum Committee, Provost’s Forum, Town Halls, etc.)

Academic Calendar (start, end, breaks – no faculty administrative due dates)


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