Streaming Video Now Available through Kanopy

As you begin a new semester, the library would like to highlight an awesome new addition to our collections. Introducing Kanopy, a database of full-length, streaming video documentaries and movies. Kanopy has over 15,000 titles, and they’re ready for you to use in your classes right now!


Browse streaming titles related to social sciences, arts, business, sciences and more. Check out titles such as Tough Guise 2: Violence, manhood & American culture or Killing us softly 4: advertising’s image of women, plus many, many more. Check out the best of LGBT Cinema and Documentaries, or gander through the Race & Class studies collection. Find films by producers such as PBS, BBC or Media Education Foundation. It’s all there.

Stream full titles live from a web browser in your class. Flip your classroom and assign a movie for homework. Or create shorter playlists and clips and embed directly into your Canvas courses. Kanopy streaming films are available for all Champlain faculty and students, and brought to you by Champlain College library. Access Kanopy from the library database listings page, or directly from

Bonus: exclusively with Kanopy, all streaming titles come with full public performance rights, meaning you can stream Kanopy movies during Champlain College community events! Perfect for speaker series and extra curricular events.

For more information about media, streaming movies or library collections, please contact the library.

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