SMART Space for Students is Open

This summer we moved all of our academic support services, plus some student-friendly things, to  Coolidge House on Maple Street and we created the SMART Space.

You’ll have to see the transition to believe it!

Mark your calendar for the SMART Space Open House on September 14th from 4:00-6:00 PM.

Please refer students to the SMART Space for:

  • Academic Coaching
  • Accounting and Finance Lab
  • English Language Learner (ELL) Tutoring
  • Math Lab
  • Tech Lab
  • Writing Center (which also has a satellite office in the MIC)Lauren-199x300

Students will also find:

  • A Bio-feedback Training Station
  • Coolidge Reading Room
  • Group study rooms and private study stations (to practice new skills learned in tutoring and coaching sessions)
  • Massage chairs (with the occasional faculty or staff member seeking some relief!)
  • Popcorn machine and snack vending
  • Quiet meditation room
  • Room for workshops

The SMART Space’s proximity to the residence halls brings hope that more students will walk over and get the academic support or stress relief they need.  To start, the SMART Space will be open, and a variety of services provided, until 8 PM weekdays and Sunday afternoons.

Special thanks to Lauren Bruneau, the new manager of these services and the Coolidge space.  She’s made it feel like the home it once was.  And thanks to Mike Kelly (he’s so smart) for suggesting our new SMART name which is an acronym for “Study Mentors And Resource Tutors.”

Have a great semester!

Lynne Ballard, Associate Provost

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