Early Warning for Students of Concern

warning-signThose of you who have been here are few years should be familiar with our use of the MAP-Works software as an early warning system for students about whom you are concerned. This summer MAP-Works underwent a major software redesign, and despite their best efforts and ours, it is not sufficiently functional for us to use this year.

We are working toward an alternative solution to facilitate your ability to notify the right people about student concerns that you might have. We expect to have that solution within a few weeks.

In the interim, we have created a master file of all traditional students enrolled this fall semester that identifies key people you might want to contact to notify them of a concern or to ask for their assistance on behalf of the student:

  • Faculty Advisor
  • Academic Specialist (in the Registrar’s Office)
  • Residential Life staff member (including a central contact for commuter students
  • Name of any FERPA releases

This master file can be accessed with this link. This file can also be found as “Fall 2015 TRAD Student Connections & FERPA Release” under Shared With Me documents in your Google Drive.

Contact Michelle Miller if you have any questions.

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