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Blue Stool #23 to Feature Bob Selby

Blue Stool #23 Bob Selby, “The Blue Stool and Why It Matters” Thursday 23 April, 1:45-2:00 pm,  Hauke Courtyard (Ireland Lobby if it’s raining) Bob Selby, co-creator of the Blue Stool, will be giving the final Blue Stool talk of the year. Bob, who will be leaving Champlain at the end of the semester, has taught here […]

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Blue Stool #19 — Rhizomes: Why Artists and Activists Should Care About Crabgrass

In the October edition of the Blue Stool pop-up lecture series, this past Tuesday in the atrium of GBTC, Dave Mills discussed the concept of rhizomes as formulated by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, and how the concept can impact art and activism. You can catch the replay of Dave’s lecture, and many other past […]

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Blue Stool #18 Featuring Eric Ronis

Blue Stool #18 Featuring Eric Ronis Wednesday 9/24 from 1215-1230 Hauke Courtyard (Ireland Lobby if it’s raining) “Marilyn Manson, Moral Relativism, and Simple Truths in which I No Longer Believe” Hope to see you there! Not familiar with the Blue Stool? The brainchild of Bob Selby in CCM, the Blue Stool Lecture Series is a series of brief, […]

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